Nicotine lozenge in a shop
These products can be found in pharmacies across Ireland, and they are a smokeless orally used form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

With the plethora of nicotine-containing products available, you may have wondered what are nicotine lozenges. The answer is, they are a form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), which (much like nicotine pouches) come in different strengths and flavors. It could be said that nicotine lozenges work similarly to the way NRT gum works, i.e as a smokeless oral replacement product to help people quit smoking.

Nicotine lozenges vs. patches

Nicotine lozenges and patches are both forms of NRT, but they are radically different in the way they operate. Their purpose of usage is similar, but they absorb nicotine differently. While they are used orally, i.e they are sucked orally, patches go on a patch of skin, usually the arm. Nicotine from the lozenge is absorbed very quickly, while from the patch it is absorbed very slowly. A nicotine lozenge may last the user 20 to 30 minutes, while a nicotine patch would typically be used only once a day. Seeing as both are forms of NRT, it is not uncommon for both products to be used simultaneously.

With regard to lozenges, of course the dosage is up to the user, but generally it is recommended that users who want to quit smoking should use 8 to 12 lozenges per day. It’s also strongly recommended that users don’t exceed 15 lozenges per day.

In order to quit smoking, it’s recommended that the user gradually decreases the amount of lozenges used per day.

Nicotine lozenges vs. pouches

Nicotine lozenges may be found in pharmacies and can be considered medicinal products, while pouches are not considered as such and can be purchased at most retail outlets and forecourt shops across Ireland. Here at, we refer users who want to quit smoking and nicotine altogether to medical professionals and to consult the resources provided by the HSE to quit smoking:!12973!3!642052207567!e!!g!!hse%20quit%20smoking&gclid=Cj0KCQjw8e-gBhD0ARIsAJiDsaU_K0jf8jSbJsUzc2NgHrmeYGZW8VP8uFYXVj-o0Ddc2KWxejuuAB0aArJcEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

However, for whoever is interested in looking at comparing the effects of nicotine lozenges and pouches, we seek to provide the answer here.

Similarities & Differences

These products are similar in that they both are orally used smokeless nicotine products that contain no tobacco. Both come in different flavors and strengths, and both are currently quite easily available and prominently used in Ireland. Both may be viewed by people as an alternative to smoking and vaping.

One major difference between these products could be the price, while another could be strength. Lozenges tend to be more expensive than pouches, and they are more limited in selection. You may be able to buy them in a couple of strengths like 4 and 8 milligrams, but you will not find the range as in nicotine pouches, which may vary from 4mg until 50mg. Also, you will find that especially with bulk deals, nicotine pouches can be much cheaper.


All in all, lozenges are a relatively new form of NRT, much like pouches are quite a new product on the market. Both are new to Irish consumers, but both help avert the dangers of smoking. Smoking can harm people around you through second-hand smoke and causes extensive lung damage. While nicotine lozenges are a medicinal product, nicotine pouches are not and this should be considered by the consumer.