Wherever on the Emerald Isle you may find yourself, a shop selling premium quality nicotine pouches shouldn’t be too difficult. However, to simplify this for you, we have prepared a Store Locator as well as a list of shops to buy Snus in Ireland.

You may have wondered, which shops sell nicotine pouches, also called tobacco-free snus in Ireland. Of course, you could opt to stay at home and order online. In this case, you could avail of online nicotine pouch deals and get the pouches delivered to your door. However, you may be on the move and suddenly run out of nicotine pouches. For this purpose, we have compiled a list of shops to buy snus in Ireland. All of our listed retailers sell reliable products made in the EU.

Dublin: List of Shops to Buy Snus in Ireland

If you find yourself short on nicopods in the fine capital of Ireland, you need not worry, because Dublin has a range of reliable shops that sell the products. You can find snus in Dublin in numerous friendly local retailers listed below:

  • Daily Need Express
  • Saoirse Health & Beauty Store

Cork: List of Shops to Buy Snus in Ireland

The Rebel city is another place where you might find yourself wanting to purchase nicotine pouches. Thankfully, you’re also in luck here, as Cork has many great nicotine pouch retailers. Some of these are listed here:

  • Nicopods.ie Main Office (Online Click & Collect)
  • ESmoke Store Paul Street
  • My Vape Store
  • ESmoke Store Oliver Plunkett St.

Galway: List of Shops to Buy Snus in Ireland

The quaint and beautiful old town of Galway has many attractions that bring many tourists and visitors yearly. If you’re looking for tobacco-free snus or nicotine pouches in Galway, you can find them easily in the locations listed below:

  • The Ecig Store Eglinton
  • The Ecig Store Eyre Sq.
  • Salthill Phones & Repairs
  • The Ecig Store Salthill
  • The Ecig Store Tuam Rd.

Tralee: List of Shops to Buy Snus in Ireland

Tralee is the vibrant heart of County Kerry. Kerry has numerous attractions such as the Mucross House or Torc Waterfall. These attractions also bring forth numerous visitors. Whether you’re in Tralee on business or pleasure and would like to buy snus, you can do so easily. Nicotine pouches are sold in these shops in Tralee:

  • Wicked Shop Tralee
  • ESmoke Store Tralee
  • ESmoke Store Abbeycourt
  • Antech Internet Cafe

Limerick: Shops selling Snus in Ireland

Limerick, also known as The Treaty City is a bustling town with great activities. Well known for its pub culture and vibrant social life, there are many reasons one would want to visit Limerick. As a city that is easily accessible from Cork and Dublin, Limerick is also close to Shannon Airport, so it serves as a regional hub. Whatever may bring you to Limerick, you are in luck because Limerick, too, has snus retailers. The most well-equipped nicotine pouch store in Limerick is Gala Ashdown. You may want to pop down here to buy snus in case you are in Limerick.

Ennis: Shops selling Snus in Ireland

Ennis is a quaint, truly Irish town resting close to the Atlantic. If you are there to enjoy the beautiful sights of County Clare, such as the cliffs of Moher or Lahinch, you may find yourself in need of a nicotine boost. In that case, you are once again in luck, because you will be able to buy nicotine pouches from The Vapery in Ennis.


In conclusion, you may opt to get nicotine pouches from any of these establishments in case you run out. At the same time, you may prefer to look for bulk nicotine pouch deals online at reputable retailers. Whichever option you choose to go for, the Irish Nicopods Expert is here to help you!