Many people confuse nicotine pouches for Swedish snus, but nicotine pouches are tobacco-free and therefore legal, while Swedish snus contains tobacco and is illegal everywhere in the EU except for Sweden.

How to find snus (nicotine pouches) in Ireland? What about tobacco-free snus? Where to buy snus in Dublin, Cork, Galway or Limerick? These are the questions that nicotine users who have sampled Swedish snus or nicotine pouches ask. is here to give you the answer!

What is Swedish Snus?

Swedish Snus refers to an oral smokeless tobacco product. They are tobacco products which the user uses orally by placing the tobacco pouch under the upper lip. This gives the user a nicotine buzz effect, one that many nicotine users enjoy. According to the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction, Swedish Snus is a tobacco product which is illegal to buy or sell everywhere in the EU except for in Sweden. It is also illegal to buy or sell in Ireland. 

How are nicotine pouches different from Snus?

Nicotine pouches, however, are not snus since they contain no tobacco and don’t count as tobacco products. Nicotine pouches gained popularity in Europe about 10 years ago since they were developed, and have increased in popularity rapidly since. Even in Sweden, the birthplace of snus and the one European country where Snus is legal, people commonly use Nicotine pouches. They are a nicotine-containing alternative to snus for people who do not want to use tobacco.

 In addition, the practicality of snus (being a smokeless product) means you can use it anywhere. Examples of this would be indoors, while driving, or even in a train or an airplane. It’s also hands-free which is why people who work with their hands can actually keep working while using Nicotine pouches.

How to find nicotine pouches

How can you find the alternative to snus (nicotine pouches) in Ireland? Nicopods, or nicotine pouches landed in Ireland a few years ago the major retail outlets and forecourt shops across Ireland now stock them. specializes in selling a huge variety of nicotine pouches. We stack world-famous and time-tested brands in a crazy variety of different strengths and flavors for great prices!

What Types of Nicotine Pouches are Available?

Online retailers such as deal with several different brands, strengths and flavors of nicotine pouches. Below are some famous and well-liked brands you can find in the online shop:

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