Shisha is a tobacco product which contains similar carcinogens and harmful substances as cigarettes.
Shisha is a tobacco product which contains similar carcinogens and harmful substances as cigarettes.

Shisha as a new form of Nicotine Consumption

The hookah, shisha or waterpipe are common names for the same thing. Hookah/Shisha is understood by many people as a new way of nicotine consumption in Ireland. This is true, but it is an ancient invention with a long history. This is an ancient form of consuming tobacco originating in the Middle East and popular mostly in Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Along with increasingly globalized food culture, shisha has also made its way to Europe, including Ireland.

It is normal at this point for people to become curious and to enquire about the harms and possible benefits of this way of consuming nicotine. The shisha as a concept is popular mostly in private homes, cafés as well as in cultural circles of people whose cultural backgrounds it is a part of. Indeed, Shisha shops and cafés have been popping up as a new form of nicotine consumption around Ireland, including in major cities like Cork and Dublin over the past few decades.

Is Hookah/Shisha legal?

Shisha, unlike for example nicotine pouches, is regulated as a tobacco product, and its consumption in indoor public spaces is subject to special regulations. Furthermore, many EU countries have banned shisha tobacco altogether, while others regulate it in a manner similar to cigarettes. It is noteworthy that much like shisha, nicotine pouches also come in different flavors and strengths, but they do not contain any tobacco.

Dangers of Shisha

Because in shisha, unlike with conventional cigarettes and cigars, the tobacco smoke is filtered through water, it is a common misconception that shisha is less dangerous or more ‘healthy’ than cigarettes. Research has shown that the shisha smoke contains many of the harmful toxins also found in cigarettes.

Shisha versus nicotine pouches

Shisha and nicotine pouches are similar in that both come in different flavors and strengths. The main differences are that shisha contains tobacco, and the same carcinogens that tobacco contains. It also emits smoke, which can harm the people around you. You will also find that Shisha is subject to multiple regulations, while nicotine pouches are not. Nicotine pouches are readily available in retail outlets across Ireland. They can also be found in the web shop.