Pablo X Ice cold nicotine pouch
In our Expert Review on Pablo Snus in Ireland we discuss this well-known brand of strong nicotine pouches.

In this review, being the Irish Nicopods Expert, decided to do a full review of Pablo nicotine pouches (also called tobacco-free snus). Since early 2023, has been Ireland’s leading authority on nicotine pouches. has stocked the famous and popular Pablo brand of tobacco-free snus since the beginning. We seek to answer any questions you may have about this brand in our Expert Review on Pablo Snus in Ireland. We will go through the various flavours and strengths of these nicotine pouches as well as their strengths and limitations.

The Brand Image of Pablo Snus

The brand image of Pablo could be regarded as quite trendy and cool. The likeness of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar on certain designs may have been inspired by the popular TV series Narcos. This series was aired around the time the Pablo brand has launched. The fact that the Narcos story arc finished did not impact the popularity of Pablo snus, which keeps increasing in popularity, including in Ireland.

The ‘King of Cocaine’ – Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar’s likeness is featured in cans of Pablo Snus.

Pablo has several different designs – Escobar’s likeness is featured on the lighter Original series cans. These contain 30 milligrams of nicotine per gram. Meanwhile, the stronger Exclusive series or Mini series do not feature Escobar. Pablo nicotine pouches are manufactured in Denmark by EGP, which is also behind other brands including Killa and Lips. These nicotine pouches are generally regarded as quite good quality as well as affordable.

Our verdict on the brand image is that the can awakens interest and intrigue. This product looks pretty and it’s not a can you’d be ashamed to carry. Therefore, our score is 5/5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Review Summary: Cool brand, won’t be embarrassed to carry it around.

Strength of Pablo Snus

There is no doubt that in terms of strength, Pablo nicotine pouches are at the upper end of the spectrum. Even 30 milligram original series pouches pack a significant punch. As such, experienced and responsible online nicotine pouch retailers such as would only recommend them to people who are experienced with nicotine pouches.

As for the stronger Exclusive range, we did not notice much of a difference between this and the original. If one picks up Pablo Exclusive expecting a strong nicotine pouch, they will certainly not be disappointed. However, if you expect Pablo Exclusive to be significantly stronger than the original range, you may not feel much of a difference.

Regardless of what one may expect, Pablo nicotine pouches deliver the strength they promise.

Our verdict on the strength of Pablo snus is a solid 5/5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Review Summary: Strong Snus that delivers as promised.

Pablo Nicopods Flavours

Pablo nicotine pouches have a wide array of flavours. These include freezing and minty flavours such as Frosted Mint and fruity flavours like Strawberry Lychee. Pablo also has flavours combining a fruit flavor with a freezing element such as Pablo Grape Ice or Pablo Mango Ice. The Exclusive range presents this vast selection of flavours and will not leave you disappointed – there is truly something for everyone. Whether you are seeking a sumptuous pouch with a Banana flavour or a delicious Passion Fruit pouch, Pablo Exclusive has it all.

Pablo Exclusive Pear nicopods snus
Pablo has been one of the first manufacturers to produce a pear flavoured nicotine pouch!

At the same time, the cool cans of the Classic lineup featuring the likeness of Mr. Escobar do not have this array of flavours. Rather, the classic range is limited to flavours that combine the ‘freezing’ element of the pouches with slight hints of other flavours. These include pouches such as Pablo X-Ice and Pablo Red. The limitation of the Classic range is understandable, but we nevertheless would have liked to see additional flavours there too.

We enjoy Pablo Flavours greatly, due to the limitation of the classic range we give this section a score of 4/5 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Review Summary: A great selection of flavours in the exclusive range; Classic range is slightly limited.


Verdict: 4.5/5 Stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Conclusion of Review: We have greatly enjoyed Pablo nicotine pouches and there’s a good reason they are a bestseller. They have a cool brand image, a great range of flavours and pack a mighty punch when it comes to strength! Simultaneously, we would only recommend Pablo to seasoned nicotine pouch users. This may limit the possible audience of these pouches.

Pablo Snus Deals in Ireland

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