Smoking has numerous negative impacts on your life. The sooner you quit, the better.
Smoking has numerous negative impacts on your life. The sooner you quit, the better.

The benefits of quitting smoking are noticeable even on the same day you quit smoking. The price of cigarettes rises every year, even several times, and the costs of smoking are felt in the wallet as thousands of euros every year. However, instead of money, we now focus on the health benefits of quitting smoking. When you stay away from tobacco, the benefits of quitting smoking multiply like an avalanche. Read this article about what happens in your body after you stop smoking.

The benefits of quitting smoking immediately
Within the first hour, even 20 minutes after quitting smoking, blood pressure and heart rate return to normal. During the same day, about eight hours after you quit smoking, your blood oxygen levels begin to return to normal. Nicotine and carbon monoxide concentrations in the blood are reduced by about half.

After 24 hours
The function of the lungs improves when they start to remove the traces of smoking. Mucus, tobacco residue and toxins are removed from the lungs. The carbon monoxide has completely left your body. The oxygen concentration in the blood has dropped to normal.

After 2 days
You will notice that you smell and taste significantly more sensitively and better after quitting smoking. The sense of smell and taste are returning to normal. Nicotine leaves the body.

In a few days
Energy levels improve significantly. Breathing becomes easier and you notice how much better the current is enough for normal everyday chores.

In a few weeks
Blood circulation and oxygen absorption have improved considerably and quitting smoking really starts to feel in physical condition. Walking, running or any sport feels downright light, compared to the time before quitting smoking. Spirit and training pass.

Years from now
The risk of a heart attack has dropped to about half of a smoker’s risk in about five years after quitting smoking. After ten years, the risk of lung cancer is halved compared to a smoker. After fifteen years, the risk of heart disease and coronary artery disease begins to be at the same level as it would be if you had never smoked.

The reduction of the risks of serious diseases therefore takes time, which is why it is extremely important to make a decision and start quitting smoking as soon as possible. Why not right away?

Quitting smoking
However, quitting smoking is not necessarily always easy, as smoking has caused strong addictions. You can read more about these addictions in our article why is it difficult to quit smoking?

It is worth preparing for quitting smoking in advance, this way you will make quitting much easier. When smoking stops, the withdrawal symptoms hit fast and hard. The risk that the craving for cigarettes becomes so great that you go back to smoking is real, if you do not curb the withdrawal symptoms with nicotine replacement therapy products.

Do smoking replacement products help?
When you stop smoking, it is almost certain that you will experience withdrawal symptoms, of which the craving for cigarettes in particular can be a decisively difficult burden to overcome without help. Nicotine replacement therapy relieves all the withdrawal symptoms caused by quitting, and according to research, a correctly chosen replacement product can even more than double the chance of success in this literally vital project of yours.

The most common nicotine replacement therapy products are available in every convenience store across the country, so when you quit smoking – or rather, when you’re thinking about quitting, you should take a close look at these products.

Which smoking replacement product is the best for you?
It is precisely because of this question that it is worth familiarizing yourself with nicotine products in advance. For example, nicotine gum has been a very popular product for years, but its effectiveness leaves much to be desired in many cases. Nicotine patches, on the other hand, release nicotine very slowly through the patch resting on the skin, so it is not much help for an acute craving for cigarettes. Smoking is a sneaky way to enjoy nicotine because smoking is specifically a quick relief from many everyday adversities. Opening a pack of patches and waiting for an hour to take effect can dampen the mood of quitting significantly.

New generation nicotine pouches
Nicotine pouches have revolutionized the success of smoking replacement products in a completely unprecedented way. Smoking has decreased in Ireland at a steady pace from year to year, but in recent years the success rate of quit attempts has also seen an explosive growth.

What makes nicotine patches such an effective way to quit smoking?
Many things affect this. However, based on our customers’ feedback, we are able to raise a few of the most important points from the nicotine pouches.

Easy availability
The easy availability of nicotine pouches and the possibility to order nicotine pouches online plays a surprisingly significant role. When you can find a lot of information about replacement care products and reviews and comments from fellow quitters about different products, it is much easier to find a suitable product while browsing on the couch at home, than in the checkout line at the store hastily finding the package texts.

Versatile flavors
The selection of nicotine pouches has grown a lot in a couple of years. There are flavor options for every taste and if a flavor starts to taste like wood, it’s easy to switch between different flavors and keep things fresh. For example, grinding the same flavored nicotine gum with swollen jaws for weeks easily makes you think about the ease of smoking.

Discreet way of use
Using nicotine pouches is a really discreet way to enjoy your daily dose of nicotine. You can use nicotine pouches anywhere and anytime, and in public transport, for example, your fellow passengers have no idea what’s under your upper lip.

Sufficient feel
The mouth feel of nicotine pouches, i.e. the nicotine burn, is the deciding factor for many. When you really feel the nicotine pouch in your mouth, it gives the impression of a significantly stronger product than a replacement therapy product, which completely kills the craving for cigarettes. Some, on the other hand, have no need for that effect, and bags suitable for these needs can easily be found.

The benefits of quitting smoking are really great
I hope you found new motivation and motivation to quit smoking in this article. When you stop smoking, many things in your health improve and this decision affects your overall well-being already within a week of quitting. It reduces the risk of many serious diseases and brings immediate well-being to your life.

If you have considered this decision, but have not yet found a suitable nicotine product to ease future withdrawal symptoms, check out our cessation packages, which are an affordable and easy way to get to know Ireland’s most popular smoking replacement products.