Cuba ninja energy snus nicotine pouches from
Cuba Ninja Energy Strong nicotine pouches, one of Cuba’s bestselling products now available in Ireland.

You might have heard of a new brand on the nicotine pouch market that’s expanding in popularity, and you may have wondered: How to buy Cuba nicotine pouches in Ireland? In this article, we look at Cuba snus in Ireland and where you can buy Cuba nicotine pouches.

Introduction to Cuba Snus

Cuba Snus is a brand manufactured by the experienced nicotine pouch fabricators at Nicotobacco. They are made in the EU with approved, high quality materials. Even though Cuba nicotine pouches are very popular around Europe, it is only recently that they have entered the Irish market, and demand for them is already skyrocketing. If you want to buy Cuba snus in Ireland, you’re in luck as we may expect to start seeing Cuba snus at retail outlets around Ireland soon as well!

What Makes Cuba Snus special?

Cuba snus pouches are oftentimes black as opposed to white. This is nothing but a personal distinction, and there is no practical difference between using Cuba and white nicotine pouches. Unlike Swedish snus, which is made with tobacco, Cuba manufactures tobacco-free nicopods. Therefore, despite the color, there is no worry about these pouches staining your teeth, or any other concerns related to tobacco. Instead, the black color makes Cuba’s pouches less conspicuous in the user’s upper lip as well as in rubbish bins and other containers one may use to dispose of pouches, i.e ashtrays.

The other speciality associated with Cuba nicopods would be their powerful nicotine buzz. Perhaps one of the leading reasons behind Cuba’s soaring popularity is their optimized nicotine effects. Even at the 30-50mg range, Cuba pouches have a tendency to feel stronger than they actually are due to the instantaneous absorption of nicotine. This, combined with the relatively lower price of Cuba pouches compared to other super-strong, 50+ mg pouches, renders Cuba a good choice for someone looking for more bang for their buck.

What Flavors are Available?

cuba pineapple nicopods nicotine pouches from Nicopods Ireland
Cuba Pineapple, a rare fruity flavor sought after and appreciated by many.

Cuba has introduced a wide range of flavors as well as a selection of strengths. The Cuba Strong range has minty, fresh flavors which are ubiquitously popular among nicopod users. These flavors include Cuba Double Fresh and Ice Spearmint, which both have the stingy freshness many users love. However, Cuba has also taken note of users who prefer fruitier flavors. With flavors such as Forest Berries, Pineapple, Cherry, Blueberry and Strawberry, Cuba has certainly diversified its flavor palette to accomodate a multitude of users. Lastly, Cuba did not forego the classic drink flavors either – Cola and Energy are two of the most popular drink flavors that Cuba caters to.

Where and How to Buy Cuba Nicopods

At the moment, in order to buy tobacco-free Cuba nicopods in Ireland, the options are limited. However, there are still ways in which the user can find Cuba nicotine pouches.

  • You can look for Cuba nicotine pouches at vape shops or retail outlets. You may, however, find that it is sold at very expensive rates. Alternatively, you might find the selection to be very small.
  • You can search for Cuba snus in Ireland or Cuba nicotine pouches in Ireland on social media networks. You might find social media websites linking to online shops that sell them.
  • You could also try to go for an online retailer straight away.