Cigarettes cause immense harm; they are also economically unviable. There is nothing to lose by quitting!
Cigarettes cause immense harm; they are also economically unviable. There is nothing to lose by quitting!

According to the Irish Mirror, the price of smoking has gone up once again in 2023.

According to the article, the cost of cigarettes in Ireland in 2023 will be circa €15.80 for a premium pack and €13.80 for an average pack.

The article also says that this recent price hike may drive many smokers to try and obtain their cigarettes on the black market. Obviously, this is a discourageable and illegal phenomenon, which harms the national economy. Besides the obvious negative and severe impact of cigarettes on health, cigarettes are also economically detrimental to their user. Even considering the cheapest average pack, the typical smoker who would go through one pack in two days, would end up paying a whopping 2518.50€ for their smoking habit!

While the price of smoking is quantifiable, the possible harm one can do to their own health, as well as to the health of people around them by smoking cannot be measured in financial terms.

Nicotine pouches are a surefire way of using nicotine while completely eliminating the risk of second-hand smoke and risk to people around. In addition, nicotine pouches are considerably cheaper. Consider an average nicotine pouch purchased from web shop might cost around 5,99. A smoker consuming one pack of cigarettes over two days might have a similar rate of consumption of nicotine pouches, simply substituting their nicotine pouch for a cigarette.

The typical cigarette pack contains 20 cigarettes, and likewise, nicotine pouch rolls typically have 20 pouches, although we do also have XXL packs, such as this great and price-efficient Killa XXL roll, which contains a whopping 30 pouches for only 5.49€ or even 4.99 if purchased in a 10-pack!

If we assume the same consumption of nicotine pouches as cigarettes, we come to a total cost of only 1095€. The savings? Incredible; by switching from cigarettes to nicotine pouches you could save 1425,50€ per year! That’s more than enough to pay for a car, a driving license, a holiday or any other dream you have. Not to mention the lack of many carcinogens found in cigarettes and elimination of second-hand smoke. Check out out selection from our web shop and get yours today!